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Petaling St @ Clayton - Melbourne Food Review

Yay, time for another food review! I've missed these, which actually means I've missed going out to eat >_<
Since coming back to Melbourne I've been jonesing for Malaysian food. Weird, since I just spent three months there and was tired of eating it, then straight away miss it... Apparently I wasn't the only one though, since after my mum's first trip to Malaysia she also missed the food. So when her birthday rolled round last week, her first request was to go out to eat Malaysian food for dinner!

Actually, I don't really like eating Malaysian food here in Melbourne, for 2 reasons..
1) It's generally not very good. It's rare to find great Malaysian food here...
2) WAY overpriced. How can I pay RM30 for chicken rice, which I know I can get for RM4 in KL and it'll taste way better. 

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food recently opened in Clayton, it's a cash only restaurant, which apparently also has branches in Swanston St, Box Hill, Glen Waverley and Glenferrie Rd. Petaling Street is the famous 'Chinatown' area in Kuala Lumpur. I've only been to Jalan Petaling once before, and the experience was so horrific I never want to return!

After having reviewed the menu for Petaling Street, I was excited, and being the 'Malaysian Expert' I got to choose what the group ordered (my Aussie family obviously doesn't know what anything is).

For entree we ordered Lobak, one of the favourite things I love in Malaysia. However, it turned out to be the most disappointing dish of the night. The filling tasted nothing like Lobak, just like fried mice-pork and garlic, no taste of spices or anything. Very underwhelming, don't order this...

However, it was only up from there!

Main # 1 - Deep fried whole fish with Thai style sauce. $10.80 (approximately).

A whole, small sized fish. The sauce was tasty and not too, apparentely these are a popular order. I generally prefer steamed fish to deep-fried though (which they also offered a few varieties of).

Main #2 - Mar Mite Pork Spare Ribs. $16.80

I love eating this in Malaysia, and I've never found it in Melbourne so had to try it. I didn't have high hopes, but surprisingly it was really good. In fact, it was AS GOOD AS THE BEST ONE I'VE EATIN IN MALAYSIA! Seriously! Mild, salty Marmite flavour combined with sweet sauce, on tender non-tough pork. The only difference is that these pieces didn't have too much bones, whereas in Malaysia they generally have heaps (I prefer it like this though). If I go back I'm definitely ordering this for myself!

Main #3 - Sizzling Minced Pork and Bean Curd. $15.80

This was really tasty, with minced pork and the bean curd cooked with egg, soy sauce, mushroom and onion. Very tasty and good, but too salty. Everyone liked it though.

Main #4 - Bak Kut Teh. $10.50

Ordering this is a risk, considering that Bak Kut Teh is my #1 favourite Malaysian food (so I'm a harsh critic) and I've never had one in Melbourne that wasn't disappointing (it's hard enough to find a really good one in Malaysia!). I'd prefer if it didn't have the tofu, and more pork instead... The taste? I'll put it like this... If I received this in Malaysia I would be angry... HOWEVER, it's the actually the best one I've ever tasted in Melbourne. So... if you really miss the BKT flavour it'll give you the hit, but don't expect it to be like back home...

Main # 5 - Vegetarian Curry Laksa. $9.50

One for the vegetarian members of the party, my sister said the taste was good but there was 'something missing' about it.

Main # 6 - Nasi Goreng

I didn't try it myself, but my very food-fussy friend described it as 'the best fried rice I've ever had'. So I guess it must be OK!

Dessert! Ice Kacang. $5

This was a huge ABC, we shared one amongst all of us coz we were full from dinner already. I usually don't like those 'colourful' Ais Kacang's (prefer gula melaka only), but I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted just like the ones I eat back in KL, it was freakin' nice! The only thing missing was green cendol-worms, but it definitely satisfies a 'missing-ABC-craving'!

Overall, I was really surprised how much I loved the food here, considering that I usually don't like Melbourne-Malaysian food. I don't know what the other restaurant branches were like, but I'd love to come back here to eat the Mar Mite Pork again. The service was sufficient and the food not too slow.

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food (Clayton)
Shop 7/367-369 Clayton Road
Clayton (where McDonalds used to be!)
(03) 8521 3608
Open 7 Days, 11am-10pm

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  1. oooh interesting.. i think if i go melbourne i'd have to learn to cook chicken rice myself.. RM30 is crazy!!


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