Monday, January 9, 2012

Current Phase: Nails - Pre-CNY Nail Manicure

Warning: Girlie post ahead. Hey! Girl's do read this blog too ya know!

I go through phases, right... as I'm sure we all do.

Some of my past phases? Gravity, quantum-physics, iPad apps, vogue forums, ebay, hair masques, face masques (rolls eyes), baking, tv shows...

At the moment it's nails. This time it was spurred by seeing OPI's Muppets collection in Melbourne Airport duty free. I haven't really had a 'nails phase' before so it was refreshing! I'd never even had a professional manicure before, I'm lucky to have naturally long, strong, nice shaped nails that grow quickly so did it myself. But I know for a lot of people it's hard to grow them long because they are too soft, bend or split.

Nail art is really big here in Malaysia, especially inspired by those crazy-fancy Japanese designs. It's not popular among Aussies though, we prefer simpler, cleaner nails, the most popular probably the classic french manicure. I gotta agree, and my BF hates extreme nails and would probably pry them off my fingers while I was sleeping. I like shiny smooth plus a few sparkles for fun.

Japanese vs Australian nail trend - extreme opposite

Anyway, in the airport I spotted the OPI Muppets mini-pack of four colours. I pondered over it but decided it was dumb. Later I regretted, coz I couldn't stop thinking about the cute, sparkley colours. When I saw them in SHINS for only RM3 more than airport price, I grabbed em.

The colours are awesome, and my favourite is the sparkley pink. It's SO sparkley, bright, with heaps of multicoloured glitter inside. You only need one or two layers and it looks mad. I wore it for NYE.

But I really want this one, the uber-dream multi-sparkle-polish. So many sparkles, so many colours (faints). I'm definitely gunna buy it in the airport when I go back!

Coincidently, in perfect timing, my friend invited me to join her to do a gel-polish manicure the other day. I was super excited, being my first time, and started thinking about colours straight away. During a gel-polish manicure they buff and shape your natural nails, then paint the polish over your own nails (they don't stick fake ones on). The polish doesn't dry in air like normal nail polish, but it has to be set under UV light. They do a few layers of colour and clear, and the result is super shiny, perfect, bubble-gum nails!

The huge advantage over regular polish is that the result is supposed to last 2-4 weeks (instead of 2-4 days for normal nail polish). Beam Sign me up, Scottie! You can't do it too often though, because too much buffing of your nails will make them thin and weak.

I got candy pink! Duhh! And decided for my first time I'll try plain, maybe next time add sparkles. I can't stop touching them coz they're so smooth and flawlessly shiny. I love glancing at them every now and then, makes me smile.

By some other awesome coincidence, my birthday present all the way from my Auntie in Australia is a mega pack of nail polish! Previously here in Malaysia I had none, so always naked nails, now I have all the colours I could dream of! Wooo! Now all I need is that elusive Muppets one and I'm set for life!

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  1. WoOoOoOoOo nail art :D I'm going through a massage and pamper stage... I want to be pampered!! :( still looking for nice cheap and non-disgusting places for us to be pampered when you come home :D


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