Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainy dayz and Mondays always get me down

I hate rain!

People here in Malaysia like it when it rains, coz it brings (slightly) cooler weather. Fair enough, I suppose you guys never get any other break from the heat. But I hate it. Coz I just hate rain, no matter where no matter when. Just enough to avoid drought in Melbourne is OK, and preferably Australia can rain as much as it wants when I'm in Malaysia, perfect!
Generally, here in KL when it rains it storms. And it extra sucks here coz so many things are outside reliant:
  • Can't go out and eat hawker/mamak foods
  • Can't go pasar malam.
  • It's extra humid and sticky
  • Random road floods = traffic chaos
  • Lightning striking and blowing up my modem/computer
The weird/cool thing is, usually after storms here there is this eerie calm feeling. Like the calm before the storm, except after. Last year I noticed an abnormal amount of broken, lightning struck trees around my neighbourhood. Scary, I imagine it was so close to being my house. I'm really paranoid of the power circuits in my house blowing and exploding my precious computer awwwwww.

One of the better parts of all the storms KL has though is that the traffic lights around my neighbourhood often go out. No traffic lights = much better traffic flow! It's not like people particularly obey them anyway, so it's just extra confusing whether people are gunna cut you off or not. At least when the traffic lights are down, people just go for it but are somewhat cautious. Everyone gets through faster, dead traffic lights FTW!

Anyhow, I have an awesome and exciting weekend planned, but I won't tell you why 'till after. I'll leave you with a couple of great photos I captured this past week that I really love. Both were snapped by sheer luck, right place, right time, when I usually wouldn't have my camera with me.


Dragonfly closeup

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kissaten Japanese Fusion @ Jaya One

Yes I do. Well in the few times I've been there I did.

The Japanese love doing fusion with their cuisine, don't they? Or is it that we like doing the fusion... I don't know. Either way, theres lots of fusing going on. And the result? Some of it I like, some of it I don't.

Kissaten is another of these Japanese-Western fusion restaurants, located at Jaya One. (non-Halal)
The difference with them is:
1) They have their own really unique and innovative dishes that actually sound awesome
2) not stingily portioned
3) well priced.

Onto the food! There are plenty of drink options, from the usual bottomless green-tea, to local favourites like teh and coffee ice, a range of international beers, the usual's like ice lemon tea, even proper espresso based Illy coffee (they're OK, not the best, but good enough that I'd order again if I was to go in the morning). What I wish I could find there but cannot is Calpis soda's.

Today I had Teh Ice, it was normal.

Teh Ais - RM6.90

Kissaten is famous for is their Teriaki Burgers, and their Pizzas. Last time I tried the Char Siu pizza... OMG its awesome. But two big to order for us two during this meal, so had to go without. TRY IT. Last time I had the Teriaki Pork burger, it was amazing, so this time I tried Teriaki Chicken Fillet burger.

 Teriaki Chicken Fillet Burger - RM12.50

This was served on an open, toasted bun, with lettuce and spinach (I think) underneath, mayo, and a chicken fillet cooked with teriaki sauce. There were a few wedges on the side, they were actually fantastic, I'd get a side order of the wedges next time. The burger of course was nice, however the chicken fillet still had the skin on which was annoying coz I didn't like the texture so had to peel it off. I actually preferred the Teriaki Pork burger from last time, the taste of the patty was more complex (blended with herbs), it had egg, and was an overall more enjoyable eat. Ill get that next time.

Katsudon Set - RM24.50

Wes ordered the chicken Katsudon set, which also came with green tea, miso soup, and some other soup. The egg omelette is a little undercooked (which I hate but you guys seem to enjoy). I didn't try it, but Wes orders it every time so obviously he really likes it. The portion was very generous, clap, clap, clap.

 Pan Fried Gyoza - RM8.90

And no visit to a Japanese restaurant would be complete without Gyoza. The Gyoza here were awesome, lots of filling inside and plenty of flavour. They weren't too oily or soggy either.

I think this place is worthy of SneakyLily's List of Places Tourists Should Try, just as long as you try the Char Siu (BBQ Pork) Pizza, OK!

L-12a-1-1, Palm Square 
Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Phone: 03-79541990
View the menu on their Facebook Page >HERE<

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cooking Snow Skin Mooncakes @ Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

I come to Malaysia twice a year; the end of year quarter, and mid-year quarter. The end of year has fun events like Christmas, New Year and Chinese New year. Mid-year has it's own cool stuff too, like dry season, durian season, Hari raya, Merdeka, and Mid-Autumn Festival, or as many of us locally call it, Mooncake Festival.

Last year my household celebrated the Mooncake Festival with a BBQ at home, which I wrote about >here<. I remember my first time trying Mooncakes, back in Melbourne at a Malaysian Aunties house. I thought 'what, such a tiny slice, what kinda cake is this!'. I bit into it and was pleasantly surprised. It was my first time tasting red-bean paste, and I realised the serve was so small because of their rich taste and texture. Until I came to Malaysia I didn't realise how many delicious varieties of Mooncakes existed, and how highly sought after they can be.

Not many Aussies can say they've cooked Mooncakes with the some of the countries finest, specially trained chefs. So I jumped at the chance to learn how to cook snow skin mooncakes with the chefs of Zuan Yuan Chinese restaurant at One World Hotel! 

Snow skin mooncakes are the ones with the soft, stretchy outer, served chilled. I love snow skin mooncakes, and snow skin ice-cream for that matter, so I was keen to learn the insider secrets to impress my family back in Australia.

I joined fellow food bloggers from,, and at One World Hotel for our cooking lesson. We were making Low Sugar Wheat Grass and Green Tea Snow Skin Mooncakes. Those of you doubting my cooking abilities obviously haven't read my own cooking tutorials posted on this blog (or maybe you have and that's the problem...).

To make the snow skin, we combine icing sugar, glutinous rice flour, shortening and green tea powder. Rub the shortening into the dry ingredients until any lumps are blended in. Add water and mix with your hands until the paste forms a non sticky dough. The snow skin is now prepared, all you need to do is roll it around the filling!

  Snow skin ingredients and prepared wheat grass filling

Now for the most fun part, bashing it on the table! You place the mooncake ball into a flour-dusted mould, and whack it side-side-back-front onto the table to embed the shape and emblem. I want to get one of these moulds, got multiple purposes, cooking and self defence!

Mooncake mould

Look at those great professional looking mooncakes us novices created!

And you didn't think I could create such a masterpiece, ha!

After all that learning and cooking and mooncake-mould-bashing we were super hungry and needed an energy boost. Snow skin mooncakes must be chilled to set before serving, so while waiting of course we had to check out some of the other types of mooncakes One World Hotel were offering!

Left to right: Low Sugar Qi Zi Tong Kwei and Chinese Almond, Honey Grapefruit and Mango, Low Sugar Wheat Grass and Green Tea and Low Sugar Royal Milk Tea and Charcoal.

I've never tried this many types of snow skin mooncakes, very excited! I really loved the Royal Milk Tea and Charcoal (on the right), I'm a lover of milk tea, so I could eat a hundred of these! Ok, so I guess I'm partial to the sweeter ones, also loved the Honey Grapefruit and Mango.

Supreme Mixed Nuts and Shanghai Single Yolk Baked Mooncakes

We also tried a couple of Zuan Yuan's baked mooncakes. I don't really like egg-yolk mooncakes, so I preferred the Supreme Mixed Nuts flavour, the filling reminded me of some kinda dessert back in Australia.

None of us greedy food bloggers had eaten dinner yet, so of course we couldn't resist getting into some of Zuan Yuan's signature dishes.

Chicken and Lotus Root Soup

I always love dishes containing crunchy lotus root. This is just the kind of food I miss and crave when I'm back in Melbourne. No fair that I have to wait months before I can get this stuff!

Honey Glazed Boneless Chicken with Crispy Ginger 

This was my favourite! The Honey Glazed Chicken with Crispy Ginger Flakes is one of Zuan Yuan's signature dishes, and I can see taste why. It was amazing, the chicken was not over-sweet, and the corners were caramelised. The ginger flakes are specially prepared to be light, crispy and not oily. I'll just have a whole plate full of this for myself, please!

Sauteed Eggplant

Instead of the usual green veggies, we tried the Sauteed Eggplant. It's not easy to cook eggplant well, overdo it and it goes mushy. Somehow they manage to overcome this and keep the eggplant's texture firm, but melt-in-your-mouth. This sauteed dish is fairly oily, and flavoured with garlic and basil. Check out the colour contrast of the purple and yellow, great presentation! We washed all this rich, tasty food down with Zuan Yuan's fried rice.

 Fried rice with prawns

Chatting over dinner we discovered we were all durian lovers. I've been going all out this durian season, I don't care how heaty and dehydrated it makes me, there are only a few months a year I can get it so must make the most of it! I wasn't aware that Zuan Yuan offer amazing desserts using Malaysia's favourite fruit. Sorry to my Melbourne readers, you'll have to come here to try this speciality! Words can't even describe how amazing these durian desserts were, a picture says a thousand words.

Durian Pancake with Cream, Deep Fried Durian Puff, Durian Ice cream

Need I say more?

I can't wait to go back there to get some more of that honey glazed chicken and the durian puff with ice cream into my tummy. Come to think of it, those milk tea snow skin mooncakes were pretty addictive as well. Lucky me I don't live too far from One Utama, and since I'm a ONECARD member I get 10% off the mooncakes too, woohoo! Special thanks to Bok from for inviting me along!

If you wanna get some too, head to 
Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant
Ground Level, One World Hotel
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47800

You can try their mooncakes dine-in or takeaway, don't worry I didn't cook any of them! 
To order call Zuan Yuan at 603-7681 1159.

Since now I know how to make snow skin, I started pondering, if I could make any mooncake filling what would it be? I was kind of surprized and embarrased at my own answer... cookies and cream flavor! What about strawberry sherbet! Hmm... Or for something more traditional, maybe coconut-red bean. MmMmMm. 

What about you? If you could create any flavour mooncake, what would it be?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plan B @ Bangsar Village - Melbourne Style Brunch!

Sorry if this review is a bit long, when I'm enthusiastic about something I tend to go on and on...

Ok, not quite brunch since it was the middle of the afternoon, but I just like using that word. BRUNCH.

Finally I've found a place I'm happy with, Plan B at Bangsar Village (old part). I wanna go here every single week! But I guess that won't happen since Bangsar is far away and it's pretty crowded there. Open one in PJ near the Curve or Tropicana dammit! PLEASE!!! How about Mont Kiara??

Seriously, how is it that I didn't know about this place before (maybe because I've never in my life been to Bangsar Village...). If any of you guys reading know of similar places, PLEASE let me know by commenting below! You know I'm freakin desperate! (good coffee being an important criteria)

By their own description, Plan B is a 'modern Aussie-meets-New York-deli' style place, priding themselves on their coffees selected from Market Lane, Melbourne. Yeah! See, it's not just me, Melbournians really appreciate a good coffee! And now there is someone smart enough to deliver it to us in KL, bwahahaha! 

The Coffee: 
First and foremost I needed a coffee; cappuccino it is! I know you're all wondering with baited breath, SO, was it up to scratch? YES! Perfect, couldn't have wanted anything more.

Cappuccino - RM6

The blend was smooth, warm, creamy, like a hug, exactly the type I like best (not acidic or burnt, I know some people prefer this). The art on top was very cute, and it was served with a piece of biscotti for dipping, nice! The only shortcoming, what makes a cappuccino a cappuccino is the layer of froth on top. It completely depends on the barista's skills, when done well this should be light, thick enough to pick up with your spoon, and distinctively creamy (95% of places don't get it creamy tasting at all, its just like eating a bunch of bubbles). The froth on this cappuccino was barely noticeable, but I was only interested in the awesome taste of the drink anyway.

Wes ordered an Ice Chocolate, which he used to love drinking in Melbourne. I think we both didn't realise the breakfast platter came with two drinks, so it was an extra bonus when my coffee ended up being covered by that.

The Food:
I've been craving potato wedges, not having had them since my last visit to Stadium Cafe. At Plan B, they serve them with the necessary sour cream but not sweet chilli, so remember you need to ask for chilli sauce.

 Potato Wedges - RM9
They were awesome! Hot and fresh, they seemed like the nicer type of more 'home made' wedges, rather than the cheap-mass-frozen ones, but I don't actually know for sure. The important thing is that they were delicious, and the serving size was enough to satisfy me.

My other most loved and searched for food, Big Breakfast! Wes ordered Plan B's Breakfast Platter (two eggs any style, served on toast with crispy turkey bacon, golden hash brown, juicy breakfast sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms & roasted tomatoes + fresh orange juice & a choice of coffee or tea).

 Breakfast Platter - RM24

Big Breakfast is one of my favourite foods in the world, and this is the best one I've had in Malaysia! It had all the perfect elements, and the were all tasty and of good quality. I loved the hash browns and roasted tomatoes. I guess they were out of sausages as it was missing, but they made up for it by giving and extra hash brown (yay!). To my surprise, the Breakfast Platter also came with a glass of fresh orange juice and a coffee, so I didn't have to pay for the cappuccino I initially ordered! That's great value which I appreciate, so I ordered an extra coffee after that since they were so good.

By Comparison: The Big Breakfast at Magnificent Fish&Chips bar is really greasy and more expensive, at The Bee its the same price but a lot smaller & less filling and only came with filtered coffee or tea bag.

To be honest, this place will now become my default 'wanting to go to for breakfast' place, instead of The Bee (which I'd rather try for dinner). If only Wes can be bothered bringing me all the way to Bangsar. It was much better value, at The Bee we only got filtered coffee and tea-bag tea, here we got two cappuccinos, ice coffee and orange juice, as well as a much larger portioned big breakfast, for the same total price!

THANK YOU Plan B, you're exactly what I've been searching for!

Plan B (outside entrance near Starbucks)
G5, Ground Floor
Bangsar Village 1
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2287 2630

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Awesome Anniversary Weekend!

Wooo! I had a goooooooooooooooood weekend. How about you?
I've been internet free all weekend. That's right, havn't used my laptop at all, and it felt GREAT. To just focus on enjoying the things going on NOW and not hibernating within the virtual world. 
This past weekend was extra special to be because I'd be celebrating an very important date... me and Wes's anniversary!! Awwwwwww
At Genting

You wouldn't even believe me if I told you how many year's we've been together. I met him when we both dumb little high school kids back in Melbourne. It was completely random that we even met, he was older than me and went to school on the other side of the city, and our personalities are completely the opposite. I was a little nerd and he was the cool kid. Somehow it clicked. We really have grown up together; through high school, uni, moving houses, illness, moving countries! 
We have so many crazy and great memories. One year we lived the poor student life in an unfurnished house with no fridge or microwave, surviving on indo mie. After that we spent a year staying in Ben & Alvin's living room, sleeping on the sofa, how's that for a girl! At one time there was 7 of us staying in that tiny two bedroom apartment! But those were the funnest times, stuff I wouldn't change for the world.
Now I live in a different hemisphere, have a new family and home. But despite all the lifestyle changes, to me he hasn't changed, I still see the same person I fell in love with all those years ago. And that's what it's all about.
It did end up a fun-filled packed busy weekend. Starting with Yen Sun's birthday party, which was SO much fun! Finally got to see a few of the guys I haven't seen since last time I was in Malaysia, as well as the usual gang.
I'd spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to have our Anniversary dinner on Saturday night. It turned out to be a great choice trying Ben's @ Pavilion. Great food and atmosphere, exactly the kinda place I like, but as usual I really overestimated my stomachs capacity and ate way too much. Smoothie, entree, main course, dessert. Straight after we rushed up to Genting to catch the Glitz performance. In the car my tummy hurt so bad coz I overfilled it, and I got sooooooo sleepy I was sure they put sleeping pills in my food (obviously they didn't though). WTF so much food and sugar shouldn't I feel full of energy, not passing-out sleepy!

It's really fun watching performances like Glitz, something different, memorable and captivating. Glitz was an hour long show combining a few acts from around the world; Illusionist and escape artist Charles Bach was the main act, the show also featured Chinese acrobatics as well as dance performances.I wanna go to Vegas and watch the REAL performances (...not those kind of performance...).
Typically, a trip to Genting wouldn't be complete without me forcing Wes to reluctantly take sticker photos. Even though he hates it us girls always get our way! I won't embarrass him by showing you though! haha
The next morning I wanted to treat him to a special Melbourne style brekkie; headed for the first time ever to Bangsar Village to try Plan B, a cafe based on Melbourne style...cafes. Which by now you guys know I'm obsessed with, and me and Wes used to love chilling at those kinda places back in the day. 

It was one exhausting weekend, but was more fun than all the crappy boring weekends I've had since I came back to Malaysia. WOO!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be Afraid: Bird Eye Stabbing Rampage

OMG. See, it does happen! You all told me I was crazy! Now who's the crazy one!! (probably still me...)
UK tourist's eye pecked out by bird (ninemsn news)

Ok, so I have this (ir)rational fear of birds. I'm not always scared of birds, or all birds, only those ones that swoop around your head crazily when your walking past. You see, I have this fear that the bird will fly at me and its beak stab into my eye. That's totally understandable right? I mean, they're equipped with what's essentially a sword at the front of their face, flying at high speeds, PERFECT STABBING MOTION. 

And birds are territorial, so when you're walking by 'their trees' containing 'their babies', they have been known to attack people! And we all know some birds are just crazy, flying all over the place AT EYE LEVEL , an eye stab could be imminent at any time!
We all saw in high school when birds would fly BAM into the windows of the classrooms. That was one loud noise, those aerodynamic bastards are sure flying with force. Who says that can't be your eye next time!
I imagine there would be a squishing noise, followed by (my) screams, as the bird's pointy long beak is embedded centimetres into my eyeball. And I'm not aware that bird's can fly in reverse, so that motha------ is just gunna keep flapping around digging its beak around in your eye. Until you PULL IT OUT. That poor guy from the news, his whole eyeball came out!!! (yea, like on Hostel!) It's bad enough when bugs fly into your eye, now times that by 1000! (yeh, i've had a lot of bug-eye attacks...).
People thought I was mad, but no, now that I've seen this report we know it can happen. BLINDED BY BIRDS! Now I'm extra worried. Need to start wearing sunglasses when walking around outside more! Malaysia doesn't seem to have that many birds, but around my house in Melbourne there sure is!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mystery Mansion Party & MORE Delicious Snacks!

Last night had a very scary interesting drive to the other side of the city, lost in Cheras for an hour searching for an unknown (to us) location. Note to self: Get a GPS! We were on the way to Elizabeth's birthday party! Happy Birthday Girl! Thx for inviting us! It was in a cool mystery-mansion. Also well decorated with party snacks & beverages, including the famous Kajang Satay (which I dream to one day actually go to Kajang to try it myself, but probably never will coz its miles away from me), and durian (LOL random!).

The house was awesome, decorated really modernly and colourfully, apparently it's often used for photoshooting, looks like it would be a good porno set as well. erm... anyway. We couldn't stay too late past 12, being a weekday we were tired, had a long drive home and work the next morning, but it was good to see those guys who I haven't seen since last time I was in Malaysia. As well as babez Ally and Amanda.

And special thanks to whoever brought the birthday cup-cakes! They were so so pretty (from Bisou Bake Shop). I was really interested in trying them, as often times pretty cupcakes look nice, but taste plain and boring (I've found in Melbourne, anyway). I'm into cooking and baking, and have made some 'gourmet cupcakes' of my own (with the help of my pro-patisserie sister), so was excited to see they stood the quality-taste-test as well!

Chocolate ganache makes me happy! 

I really do like chocolate ganache (pure cream-chocolate icing). Don't laugh at me, I'll tell you another of my sneaky midnight snacks (for people with ultra-sweet-tooth-cravings). Any random cake (or biscuit if you're desperate), microwave with some blobs of chocolate ganache so it melts, then pour cream over. Yeh... I really do eat this at 2am. Weirdly, up until a year or two ago I didn't like cake or chocolate much at all, but nowadays I do, but only when I'm in the mood for it (apparently that's at 2am, when I'm not otherwise eating is wrong with me!). Honestly, thinking about it right now, I feel kinda gross lol.

Right before going to the party I got to try a new food I've been craving (yes another one). KFC's Ole Toasted Pocketful!

I saw a picture of it on an add the other day and WH-WH-WHAT! Nachos in a chicken wrap, now that's my dream KFC food. Let me say, it was as satisfying as I'd anticipated, inside wrap bread was a hot&spicy chicken fillet, cheese, corn chips, a little bit of tomato and pineapple, and salsa-mayonnaise. YUM. I recommend it (but duhh... I love everything).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Lockdown

How was your weekend?

Over here in Malaysia, I'm sure it was pretty memorable for most of us. Maybe you most remember the traffic jams. Maybe you remember marching through the city (salute to you guys). Maybe you remember being pissed off that Hennessy Artistry was cancelled LOL. Yep, the 'Clean' event made it a pretty memorable weekend. I can't comment further, don't wanna risk getting thrown out of the country!

Coz of those famous traffic jams Friday and Saturday, I thought it wise not to venture far from my local area.  

So the mission was: How to be entertained without going on any major highways or into the city.

The solution? Local food safari and chillax with nearby friends.

I'm sure you must all be sick of hearing me talking about food. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, imma food lover, appreciator and effecianado. That includes eating, cooking, and searching for new dineries (<- my own word rite there. Show some initiative and invent words too!). Obviously you knew that though, as this is a part time food blog. So Friday & Saturday was consumed by greedieness.

Friday night went to a local fried noodles store which I love (maybe I'll tell you guys about it next time). They're usually packed full at dinner time, but since everyone (else) was stuck in traffic jam at dinner time, there was plenty of seating for greedy me bwahaha! Their noodles and fried rice is just SOOO tasty, can't resist stuffing my face, alongside the delicious ABC served there. When I got home though I regretted, rolling around on the bed with my tummy in killer pain coz I stuffed it too full. That didn't last long though... soon after a visit to a friends place yielded fried chicken, satay and more durian. I must learn to say no! (maybe one day, but lets be honest, it won't be soon!).

Saturday was intense. 
Breakfast - char kueh teow
Go to office, followed by traffic jam back for lunch.
Lunch - nearby Thai food; green curry; pandan chicken; battered (tempuraish) prawns, fried sesame chicken (yay! All for 2 people!).
Dinner - Durian feast! When you have the opportunity, must take advantage and eat as much as possible, right!?
Dinner #2 -  mamak maggie goreng + delicious teh tarik
Dinner #3 - pasar malam delights. MMMM

I don't remember much else from that night... Maybe the energy from my brain was reduced since it was all focused on digesting. Yep, it was a goooooooooood Saturday, even limited to the confines of my neighbourhood.

I feel kinda guilty for killing my boyfriends workout-diet plan... but I'll promise to be more supportive of him from now on!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brunch @ The Bee, Jaya One

One of my favourite things about blogging, and one of the reasons I began blogging in the first place, is because I love reading food blogs! This is one of the unique and special things about Malaysia, there is such a great food blogging community, which simply doesn't exist in Australia. I suppose it's our passion for great food, and the sharing and social aspect of eating which exists within Malaysian culture.

In some ways I consider it an honour to be able to contribute to this source of information. It makes me happy to know that someone may have had a great dinner because of my restaurant recommendation. Also, if I really love a place, I'm happy to help them out and spread the word, coz they deserve it (cept those places which start out good but go downhill...). I try to be honest and fair (but not too mean), because I also hate wasting money and time on places that don't respect their customers enough to maintain their standards.


To Bee or Not To Bee...

Jaya One has become a hotspot for entertainment and dining. I've seen heaps of restaurants, cafes and bars around there, but unfortunately have only actually tried a couple. Friday night, when heading to Kissaten for dinner (shall blog that next), I drove past a Melbourne Cafe looking place, packed with people; The Bee, I noted down the name so I could look into it later. I'm always on the look out here in Malaysia for Melbourne-ish cafes, maybe I should start one called Melbourne Cafe, if I did would you come? 

Note1: Keep in mind, they only serve from their Brunch Menu on weekends before 4pm.
Note2: Menu prices aren't inclusive of 10% service charge, but The Bee do no charge the 6% gov. tax!!

I checked out some food blogs, and found that this is a relatively new place with the relaxed coffee and light-meal kinda food I'm after. So come Sunday morning, I couldn't resist heading here for breakfast. 

The thing that first attracted me was the modern, Melbourne like decor; red brick, modern wooden furniture, posters advertising local events. There was a fair amount of outside and inside seating. I wish I had sat more inside instead of near the entrance, as one whole side of the shop is open to the outside, so it got pretty steamy hot.

Definitely more Melbourne-y with us in there

I love the relaxed ambiance they've got going on. On each table are cards telling us their special offers like; if it rains, you can get another coffee 50% off; buy 3 burgers and the 4th one is free (don't know if that's over multiple visits, or if you're with a group, or just really really hungry). BTW I've heard their home-made burgers are freakin good.

For the weekend daytime they were only serving the Brunch Menu, which was typical breakfasty stuff like toast, eggs, pancakes & stuff. Brunch Menu items come with free filtered coffee or tea (add RM10 to switch to orange juice or bottomless coffee).

I'm a longtime lover of the classic Big Breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon, mushrooms... that kinda stuff) and The Bee had their own variation, which the BF ordered.

Big Breakfast - RM24

The Bee Big Breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, beef bacon, onion hash brown and salad. Wes said he really liked it, it tasted really nice. That's tomato relish there in the middle, nice for toast or dipping the hash brown. The only problem? It's not big enough! (as you can see from the picture) A real BIG Breakfast would have 2 slices of toast, more eggs, 2 hash browns (in my opinion, to fill me up).

I wasn't so hungry this morning, so opted for something smaller, which I've heard of on TV but never tried; Huevos Rancheros.

Huevos Rancheros - RM17

My first impression... it looked kinda small and naked there on the plate. The hash brown was nice, but could have used more flavour. I suspect this is because it is unsalted, which is a good thing, as we all have too much salt in our diets already. If you want more, add it yourself. For more flavour you can dip it in the supplied chili or tomato sauce.

The Huevos Rancheros contained beef ham, scrambled eggs, jalapeno peppers and beans. It could have had more beans, there were like 5 pieces in the whole thing. And the scrambled egg was a bit runny, which I know a lot of Malaysians love but I'm personally freaked out don't like runny eggs. Overall the taste was nice but I wouldn't order again due to the runny eggs. You would probably like it though.

I really enjoyed my breakfast here, and I definitely wanna head back soon for dinner.

P.S. WOW I just saw on their website they have an Australian Burger. Totally gunna go back and get that!

The Bee
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room @ Sunway Pyramid for Dinner

I briefly mentioned Xian Ding Wei in my previous post about KiKi by Fong Lye >HERE<. Have you heard of them? Ok, I actually ate here at the Sunway outlet quite a few months ago and erm... forgot to blog it. I dunno why, because I did enjoy it, so much that a few days later I visited the 1Utama outlet (which I liked even more!). Sorry for not having any prices, they slipped my mind months ago, but i'll give approximates for some.

Note: The (same) foods at the Sunway Pyramid and 1Utama outlets were slightly different.

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room is a chain of Taiwanese cuisine restaurants. Think Fong Lye and you're right on the mark, in fact it is exactly like Fong Lye, with slightly different decor. As rumor has it (this is totally unconfirmed, if anyone can verify please comment below), Xian Ding Wei was actually the original, and were pretty popular when they first launched a few years ago. Since then, Fong Lye copied them, and Xian Ding Wei totally quietened down. When I mean copied, I mean copied! The tableware and dish presentation, the menu items, the pricing (although I found XDW slightly cheaper). The difference being XDW's restaurant presentation is more tidy and formal looking, and their menu is larger and awesomer.

I tried XDW on a whim, we were looking for somewhere in Sunway Pyramid that wasn't packed at dinner time, and where my sister could get vegan food (no meat, egg or dairy). When we approached the restaurant to first check the menu, the staff were extremely helpful in checking first and telling us which menu items were in fact vegan (there weren't many, but here in Malaysia it's dam tough to find anything). Although having someone who can speak Mandarin is necessary for clear communication here.

The service was fantastic, both at Sunway and 1U, much better than Fong Lye. They were attentive in ensuring all of my sisters food and beverages were vegan-suitable. Most dishes were available either ala carte or in a set with soup, three small side dishes and Taiwanese pork-mince rice (not sure the name).

This is the vegan food my sister got; tofu & mixed veggies on hotplate (approx. RM14 ala carte). The flavor was nice and the amount of tofu and veggies given were generous. It was served on a hot plate, heated from underneath with a candle. Presentation is obviously important at XDW, and I really like and appreciate that.

Her drink was amazing!! A huge ice-blended smoothie, I think it was Kiwi & Dragonfruit flavoured. It was amazingly delicious, and perhaps the best drink my sister had throughout her whole trip to Malaysia. There are a few varieties of these huge smoothies, seriously recommend trying them! (Approx. RM9)

I admit my order wasn't very adventurous, but I knew I would love it no matter what; Taiwanese Deep Fried Pork set (approx. RM20). I always love those deep fried, battered Taiwanese stuff, and always get fried chicken at Pasar Malam. I never really like the soup's in these sets coz they are seafoody (don't like), but the little side dishes were nice, and the best part is that they give u that special Taiwanese mince-pork rice; lu rou fan (thanks en!) The flavor of the pork was nice, but it could have been hotter when served (I really don't like receiving only cool/warm food which is supposed to be hot).

My drink was honeydew bubble tea, just like every other normal bubble tea.

Wes had a Mango Snow Mountain, which had heaps of real mango and ice cream. It was different from other snow mountain's we've tried, and the one at 1Utama was different from this again.

I think by now it's pretty obvious that I really liked this place and am really glad to have found it. Give it a try if you're at Sunway Pyramid on a Saturday night and don't want to have to wait for space at the other restaurants. Same goes for 1Utama, I always don't know where to choose in 1U, but this will definitely become one of my default places (along with Chili's and Bar B Q Plaza bwahaha).

There is heaps of space in the dining room, outside tables for smokers, and a nice view of Sunway Resort.

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room
OB3.LG1.7 & OB3.LG1.8
Oasis Boulevard (New Wing),
Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid.
Tel: 03-5631 3322