Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh No! The Ultimate Burger

I just saw the most amazing add ever.

WH-wh-what you say? Do my eyes decieve me?
The burger I've always dreamed of, but never thought would materialize. A burger of pure 100% taste. I've never really been a fan of 'bread'...

BBQ sauce

I propose all burgers follow this format from now on; meat, sauces, salads, cheese, [other accessories], meat. Oh and chips too... I like chips in burgers mmm

Monday, March 28, 2011


Some people love getting a bargain. Some people love getting things at a crazy-good price. Some people love buying at once more things than you've brought in the last 3 months. I'm one of those people.

Whilst I'm not actually a big shopper, I don't very often buy stuff for myself even though there is so much I want (>_<), I do love finding an unexpected super-bargain!

Like buying Tsubi (Ksubi) jeans at the factory sale for 30$, or only paying 15% of the price coz you have a million gift vouchers like when I got my camera.

The other day when I had lunch with Sam we randomly saw that Supre was having a crazy sale. I'm not always a huge fan of their clothes, but sometimes they have decent basics like plain singlets 'n stuff. And I just happened to have a gift voucher which my Aunty gave me for Xmas...

What was the result? Insanity.

Not really... more like happy-insanity...? Using only my little $20 (RM60) voucher I got 6 pieces of clothes. Yes, 6! They were all between $2.50 and $3.75 EACH!

Boys, you have the right to roll your eyes and feel bored, but my girlies out there might wanna see! Oh yea and the sale is still on (in most stores I think), so get down there (if you have enough energy to search through piles of crap for the occasional gem)

Tops number 1,2 & 3 are the same; gray, white and black regular ribbed singlets (which I love btw). The last three are also the same style as each other; thin straps, gathered at the top, slightly billowy tops. One is flower-pattern black lace (risky but I can pull it off), red (trying to get more red into my wardrobe coz it's hot), and a dark grey-blue.

But let me tell you, it sure wasnt easy finding these 6 awesome tops among the massive amounts of crap they have there... midriff fluoro tops, bum-cheek-showing shorts, stained dresses... and the worst part? The stuff's all messed up together, tightly packed onto racks, so finding anything in particular is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Me and Sam got a few matching things, we love wearing matching coz we have similar great taste in stuff.

Here's a look at how two of the tops look. I love how the style of the second one is so simple but dressy. I was planning on pairing these tops tucked into high waisted skirts (which I love wearing), but it sees to look pretty good with just jeans right? (shoutout to my Uniqlo black leggings-pants jeans here which I love!)

Sorry that this is the most interesting thing I have to share with you at the moment, I'm bogged down with Uni assignments these few weeks. Working hard or hardly working?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Bestest Bday Pressie from The Twin

Remember what I'm talking about?

Last week I got my awesome Bday pressie from my Twin, I told you over >HERE<!

I'm not big on the whole 'birthday' thing, it's pretty gay, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about getting my gift from Sam. 1st of all, I know Sam works really hard on creating really special things, and 2nd, it's the only present I actually received for my birthday, so I appreciate it extra!

The whole time I've been away in Malaysia, Sam has secretly been working hard at creating another one of her beautiful-crafty-creations. She always hand-makes amazing things, just take a look at what she gave me for another birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY is spelled out in Maltesers, decorated with all my favorite lollies! When I asked her how she knew which lollies I loved, she said that since we're twins and always like everything the same, she just chose her favorite candy and knew it would be mine too!

Can you spot the Malteser Message?

Just like last time,Sam surprised me again with an amazing pressie: Two hand crochet berets, red and light blue! I can't believe she made them herself, SO talented!

I love berets, in fact I wrote about my first beret back when my blog first started, >HERE<. Sam remembers when I was wrapped up in the Beret-Hysteria, we even went shopping together for them, but I'd never have guessed she'd make me some! The pattern is perfect and I love the colours! 

She never spares any attention to detail, even the card was perfect! 

There's still a few months to go 'till Sams Bday, so I'd better get planning! I have no idea how I can get her something anywhere as near as great as the stuff she gave me, but that's the great thing about having a best friend, they don't really mind what you get them, it;s genuinely the thought that counts. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School Excursion With My Twin!

So you know it must be a special day!

Anytime I get to meet up with my Twin its a fun time, for me it's like hanging out with a clone of myself (but more fun!)

But this time it was extra special coz I haven't seen her for a zillion years!


She's my Best Friend and my Twin coz ever since the day we met sparks flew, and we were super attracted to each other (in a sister-y way). Every sentence spoken, BOOM, it was another thing we had in common. Our chemistry was off the charts, it's like we were the same person but in two separate sexy bodies! I guess that's why they say to find friends by pursuing your own interests, coz that's how I found my best friend, she has all the same interests as me! We even look the same!

My beautiful twin

Anyhow, I met up with her after school and we had a little trip to the library. That was one dam long walk, Monash Clayton is HUGE! Immaturity Normal activity ensues.  Seriously, I checked the area and no one was around to be disturbed from their studying by our stalking people in the library camming.

We were stalking these really sweet chicks. Wow, in my times there I never knew there were such hotties at Monash Uni. Now I know, they must have been hiding in the library. I jest.

Upon our return trip we had quite the discussion about hemmeroids. Insightful. In conclusion, I learnt that we shouldn't push really hard to make our poo come out or we'll get hemorrhoids... don't say I didn't warn ya!

Of course, all that discussion got us hungry, so we headed to our favorite food-land, Maccas! I was supposed to have Maccas for dinner that night (traditional friday night Maccas), but I couldn't resist sneaking it a few hours earlier (I had fish'n'chips for dinna instead!). But a double cheeseburger wasn't my only treat that day... Sam gave me my birthday present, and it was the best ever! I opened it straight away...

 Ahh... the days where you can leave your wallet and stuff on your car without worrying about it gettin' stolen

Can you guess what the pressie is? If you can't, you'll have to wait till next time!

I hope I get to see my Twin soon, we are overdue for sticker-photos! Where should we excursion too next time Sam?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tonights Dinner Invention Adventure

Sunday night, gotta have something nice for dinna right?

How does some turkey with roast veggies sound, home made of course. By me! So it must be good.

I cooked this for dinner for my family last night. We used a defrosted marinated turkey roll (from Coles), and an assortment of veggies (some from my own garden!). But wouldn't it be cruel of me to tell you about this delicious meal without showing you how to make it yourself!

Oven: 180 (fan forced)

1. Turkey
This is pre-rolled turkey meat with seasoning and stuffing. I cooked half; once defrosted remove it from the packaging (leave string on), and place in baking dish. Cover dish (can use foil) and bake in oven following the directions on the turkey packaging. Once its done remove the string and slice the turkey up.

2. Roast Veggies
I used potato, pumpkin and carrot. Peel them and cut into chunks. Remember potato takes longer to cook, so you might wanna cut them a bit smaller, alternatively put them in the oven earlier. Tip them into a large bowl, and coat them with a mixture of diced garlic, rosemary, salt and oil. I used fresh rosemary from my garden, but you can leave it out. You can experiment with other seasoning you might like to try, it's delicious with these veggies. Place on a baking tray and add into the oven with the Turkey for about an hour.

 3. Steamed Veggies
I chose broccoli and long beans, just chuck 'em in a pot or steamer with water till they're hot and tender.

Then get the veggies and turkey in the oven, and put the vegetables on the stove. When it's done...

Eat it while its hot!

It's healthy, tasty, and home made. This is real 'western' food, we call the whole thing 'having a roast'. I prefer making roast stuff at home than at restaurants, because we all deserve a huge plate packed full of heaps and heaps of food, not stingy serving sizes (maybe I'm just greedy). Make sure you get heaps of veggies, coz they shouldn't just be an accessory to the meat, but a primary part of the meal! The baked ones are super delicious and filling.

You could alternatively make this with other meats like roast chicken, pork (with crispy skin!), lamb or beef. I actually never have turkey, it's not popular in Australia, usually I'd make chicken or lamb.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Those Emergency Pizza Days

For the past week or so I've been craving pizza. The seed of thought was planted when I was on the aeroplane, and wafting through the cabin was the distinctive armoa of pizza. Of course by the time I decided to get some it was too late and they'd sold out. 

So here we are, for the past week or so I've been craving pizza. I don't actually have pizza very often; at any chance of takeaway I usually jump and scream for Maccas. In the Pizza Steaks, I always bet for Domino's Classified Chicken, but today I'm craving for a more traditional pizza... and by some twist of luck, I actually got it!

I went for something different and got mushroom + olives + bacon + ham + cheese + capsicum + pineapple (always love pinapple on stuff!). Had to pick the yucky anchovies off, didn't realize it came with them eww...

My sister got a vegan pizza, which had tomato + pineapple + olives + onion + capsicum. It was pretty tasty!

The problem though with cravings is that once you give into them, I you tend to go overboard and pig out. Five slices later, I feel like I am a loaf of bread; huge, inflated and like a log. I think I've had enough pizza for a while...

I've been feeling really creatively inspired lately. I love outside and the weather lately (sometimes). The landscape appears sparkly, the plants fresh, green and full of life. But I've been having trouble finding an outlet for my creative urges. I need to harness my hidden powers and figure out what to do with them.

Obviously photography is an idea, or maybe shove some creativity into my blog (the whole reason I started blogging; to be creativ-er), but what else? Should I take out some pencils and paper and sketch a picture of a tree? Sounds like I'd get sick of that pretty quickly... Or maybe I should use my old favorite crayons!

I found these the other night when going through some of my old stuff in storage. I can't believe I still have them, my old Crayola Scented Crayons! That's right, scented! I was always very stingy precious with them, being careful not to waste them so that they'd last forever! Well I guess I did a pretty good job, since now 15 years later I still have most of them and there not even broken!

I've always been a fan of scratch and sniff (scented stickers!) so maybe that's why I loved these so much. You just draw it down and the scribble smells like the flavor! These are the flavors in case you can't read: bubble gum, cherry, strawberry, rose, chocolate, grape, fresh, banana, lime, peach, lemon, coconut, licorice and pine.

During my creative surges I've realized that nature is pretty beautiful. Maybe sometimes it takes an extra eye opener for you to actually take in and see how beautiful it really is. Then comes the ability to see not just the pretty, but the intricacies of nature; the constant struggle between good and bad elements for survival and domination. Just Like Us.

Take these flowers. They've always been my favorite coz they're so cute! Tiny, pink, star shaped and furry. The little triangle petals remind me of cats ears.

But sadly this plant is infested with yellow aphids. These bastrad bugs are killing these poor flowers before they even have a chance to bloom!

Aside from the disgusting murderous aphid infestation, there was some less disgusting stuff to see out there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SPOTTED: Pop Tarts in Cold Storage

No, I'm not talking about some singing group, or the frozen bodies of dead hookers.

I'm talking about Pop Tart Toaster Pastries, everyone's fun, favorite and fantabulous nostalgic breakfast snack.

Still don't know what I'm on about? Then you've been living an empty life up until now, my friend. When I was in primary school Pop Tarts were available in Australia, that was when I first fell in love with them. Then towards the end of High School I didn't see them around anymore. Apparently Kellogs stopped supplying them to Australia. LAME. Since then they can only be found in specialty shops, imported directly from the USA at a premium price (so I rarely ever get to have them).

Pop Tarts are like a short crust pastry pocket, filled with different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, apple cinnamon and more funky stuff like blueberry marshmallow. You just put them in the toaster and they are cooked to crispy hot perfection. My favorite flavor was Chocolate Fudge, which was chocolate flavor pastry and soft gooey chocolate filling. Mmmm... so many times i've burnt these in the toaster, trying to get them extra crispy... or otherwise burnt myself from being too greedy and eating them before they cooled down.

  See! On the outside is biscuity short-crust pastry, and inside is the soft, flavored filling.

I've always wondered if Malaysia would have them, since there's quite a bit of imported stuff around, but i'd never seen them. Well apparently I wasn't looking very hard, coz yesterday I found them in Cold Storage. All these years in Malaysia and I could have been enjoying Pop-Tarty goodness. LAME. Cold Storage has heaps of expensive imported foods, but these dam Pop Tarts are even cheaper than in Australia! And this was Cold Storage KLCC, so it might have even been more expensive than usual there.
Malaysian Price: RM12 / box
Aussie Price: AUD10+ (approx RM30) / box

Australia is such a freakin rip off, WTF! Since my luggage is already pushing obese (erm.. its filled with 3-in-1 Old Town and Aik Cheong coffee...) I can't bring anymore back, but my sis did grab one lucky box of scrumptious Strawberry.

Have any of you guys tried Pop Tarts, what's your favorite flavor? If you haven't, you're welcome for me enlightening your life as to the existence of these amazing snacks, now go get some!