Tuesday, November 22, 2011

High Tech Burrito Lunch @ Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn

YumYumYum The very first time I ever tried a burrito... I was in Disneyland, California (on family holiday when I was 14). The main thing I remember was that it was full of beanie goodness. Oh-so-beanie!

High Tech Burrito bring California style burritos to Glenferrie Rd, Melbourne. And it's authentic, by the sound of it the owner is Californian himself. They pride themselves on making burritos which are healthier, tastier, fresher and better, and after trying them I must agree. Aside from burritos they also offer tacos, nachos and ... cookies! There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, all the burritos can be ordered with tofu instead of meat, and sans cheese/sour cream for a dairy-free delight. The tofu used is the 'silken tofu' soft type.

Store interior - indoor and outdoor seating available

You can either choose your own filling to build your dream burrito, or select one from the menu. Alternatively you can try your burrito in a bowl with shredded lettuce instead of wrapped in a tortilla.

If you choose to DIY there's billions of things to choose from: Tortillas, beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, coriander, jalapenos, guacamole, lime sour cream, cheese, black olives, chicken, steak, pork, or tofu. Wow! 

Grilled Fajita Burrito bowl - $13.90

I ordered the Grilled Fajita Burrito in a bowl with lettuce instead of tortilla. It came with grilled steak (or chicken), sauteed capsicum and onion, melted cheese, Spanish rice and salsa with lime sour cream on the side. WOW it was extremely delicious. I always love the combination of fried onions+capsicum+salsa+meat and cook it myself sometimes. But then with the sour cream, and flavoured rice, and melted cheese through it OMG! So tasty! It was also really filling.

Thai Chicken Burrito - $13.90

Sis opted for something from the vegan range, the Thai Chicken (with tofu instead of chicken). It contained tofu sauteed in Thai peanut sauce with Asian salad, coriander, brown rice, sweet chili sauce in a roma tortilla. I was a bit suss at the sound of 'peanut sauce salad burrito' at first, but it was seriously really nice. Lighter and more refreshing tasting than my one, but don't order if you don't like coriander. My sister doesn't but I love it, so I was delighted when I got to finish it later. 

The serving sizes are generous, everything is super tasty (a must for me), and the ingredients seem good quality and well thought out. You can either dine in or takeaway. I'm really craving to go back, if only it wasn't so dam far for me to drive, but I totally will anyway!

High Tech Burrito
838 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn, 3122 VIC
Phone (03) 9818-1482
Full menu available on website

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  1. Mmm the barbecue one looks nice! To think that burritos seem to be everywhere, but are no where to be found in Australia (at least not where we've been looking..). It's good to see we can finally get our burrito fix.


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