Tuesday, August 23, 2011

News Today: The (un)Changing Face of Jennifer Hawkins

Good morning Ninemsn.
Good morning SneakyLily. Here's what i've got for ya today. Important stuff I sayz. 
Huh? This is front page news? Speculation as to the activities of Jennifer Hawkins face? Surely there must be something more worldly or significant going on somewhere?
Nup, this is it, take it or leave it.
Ah, well OK, I guess i'll take a looksie....

So this is the news today? I've been kinda suspicious of ninemsn for a long time now. Their front page stories often confuse me... trivial and satirical matters which make for quirky-pun headlines. I suppose no one really expects ninemsn.com.au to be a serious news medium, and I choose to keep it as my home page (more out of habit than anything). I did a quick google-news search to see what ACTUAL important news was going in the world, but the first result kinda freaked me out and got me thinking that maybe google news is no better than ninemsn:

Sodomy II: Doctor tells court he found Saiful's anus healthy
-Malaysia Star - umm....

In Libya's Wake: Pressure Builds on Assad
- TIME - ok, this one seems important

Hubble's Gaze Extends to Edges of Universe
- Voice of America (not Britney folks...) - this is cool to me

Northwestern researchers report breakthrough in ALS research
- Chicago Sun Times - medical breakthrough not related to plastic surgery; not newsworthy

Hurricane Irene heads toward Bahamas
- NEWS.com.au - Surely that's important!

So, here we find ourselves discussing Jennifer Hawkins 'changing face'. Did she or didn't she (have plastic surgery that is), and why should we even care?

For those of you who don't know (everyone outside of Australia...) Jennifer Hawkins is a much loved Australian Icon, kinda like the Australian Amber Chia; 'internationally famous' but only known within Australia. She won the title of Miss Universe in like 2004 and no one ever got over it since.

Admittedly I think she's pretty good looking, accurate physical representation of the Australian female :-)   And like a lot of people, I quite liked her up until she hosted that channel 7 reality show...uhh. She lost the respect of a lotta people there. Nonetheless, a few years have passed and we've all kinda forgotten. So why does ninemsn think I should care about whether she's had plastic surgery. That gosh-darn-news publication, pertaining to gossip of all things!

'Hawkins' face has changed'. Comparing pictures from 2002 and 2011. Her face has slightly changed. Wow! Big news! Oh wait, could it be coz of that thingy.. ya know... the passage of time! Admittedly, she does look slightly better now, but not really different.

Duhh, since winning Miss Universe and become rich and 'famous' don't you think she's learned a little about applying makeup, buying expensive skincare, maby a little botox here and there? Who cares? She looks basically the same, but her makeup's been professionally done; eyebrows drawn on and some teeth veneers. Why are these guys so persistently looking do push her down, to de-credit her. BUSTED. Most importantly, why does it matter? Is it supposed to make us (the miserable, low-life public) feel better about ourselves? Well it's a good excuse for me to post pictures of pretty girls on my blog. tehehehe

Jenn in 2002 (right) . Even shorties can win Miss Indy (centre)! woo!
 2011. Still nice!

It's been nearly 10 years. I know I sure look different from 10 years ago. If ninemsn did a comparative piece on ME then and now they'd probably fill the internet! Leg extensions! Face reconstruction. Umm... massive brain implant? :-D  Umm maybe it's called puberty. The growing from a child to a man. Ermm I mean woman. Though I suspect Jenn had already completed stage. 

For humor evidence sake tried to find a picure of me in 2002 to spice it up a bit. But alas, those were the pre-digital days and no such image exists (in data). Probably for the best, I was an ugly kid. 


  1. I kbow Jennifer Hawkins! Cos my mom buys lots of Australian mags. But seriously her face wasn't too memorable to begin with. I mean she's pretty but not particularly memorable?They should have done a piece on Cate Blanchett

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  3. Yeh.. there are so many celebs who have had really obvious 'extreme makeovers', but somehow THIS is worthy of front page news. =_=

  4. uuuuuuuuggh I hate ninemsn news. never fails to make me cringe before I log into my hotmail account, lol. I still remember some of their gruesome headlines from way back *shudders*. Set google as your homepage! =)

  5. You should set iGoogle as your homepage! You can customize it the way you like it! I don't remember Jennifer Hawkins but her name sounds very familiar!

  6. Now my homepage is a very cold and unwelcoming Blank Page. iGoogle does sound like a good idea actually!


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