Saturday, August 13, 2011

Janwa Thai Restaurant @ Bandar Menjalara

Malaysian's love Thai food, and so do I. Now, of course I've never been to Thailand, so I don't know what real Thai food is like, or how what we have here compares to it. I find Thai food in KL to be pretty similar to what we've got in Melbourne, but it's better here coz people do more of the 'shared order' thing rather than a single dish for themselves (get to try more stuff!).

However I rarely ever go to eat Thai food, I dunno why. Maybe coz I don't know where to go, or I don't know how the food at a place is, or it's too far away, or too expensive, or don't even know the shop exists. Ok, well there's a whole lotta reasons.

By a stroke of madness, luck, and hunger-desperation I happened to come across Janwa Thai Restaurant in Banda Manjalara.The small restaurant looks pretty unassuming and unspecial, but I heard that it's well know and well liked by locals. So let's give it a try!

I didn't take much notice of the drinks menu, but it seemed like the usual local suspects. I've been in a coconut-water-loving-faze lately so ordered that, and Wes had cendol, it was just normal.

 Coconut - RM4
Cendol - RM3

There were only two of us dining that day, but we were greedy and hungry so ordered a lotta stuff. Well also because we couldn't choose and wanted to try everything! The menu comes with pictures which is a must for me, because I don't know what things are by unfamiliar names.

I love Pandan Chicken, so that was our entree. It was  really really nice, generous size, great flavour, but quite oily. We had two each, but next time I want like 10 for myself. Yeh, I really liked it...

Pandan Chicken - RM2 per piece

We chose three main dishes to have with rice, the first being Green Curry Chicken. To be honest, it didn't look very appealing when it was served. I think that has more to do with the tableware though, and I learned a long time that you can't judge based on restaurant looks here in Malaysia (many of my favourites are the ugliest and dodgiest looking places). I really liked it, it was coconut-creamy and spicy. It also had eggplant in it which I enjoyed, and they weren't stingy with the chicken. I drowned my rice in the nice, spicy sauce. 

Green Curry Chicken - RM12

My choice, based on the menu pictures, and being scared of all the seafood, was a safe one of deep-fried battered chicken strips. I regretted ordering it, it was really normal and average, like the stuff you can find anywhere. I should have tried something more adventurous, but the problem is I dunno what anything is so I don't know what to choose. The chicken strips were thin, hot and crispy, but pretty oily.

Deep fried chicken fillet - RM12

Lastly, at Wes's request we had fried battered prawns, because he really likes them here. Kinda like tempura-prawns I guess. Ya'al know I'm scared of don't like seafood, but I know he loves it so I gave em a try. To be honest, they were pretty good, the batter was really light and crunchy, its almost like it's not prawn. But then it was prawn, it had that weird prawn texture in the middle, and after eating one I got freaked out and couldn't do it any more. But the taste admittedly was good, it's just my own aversion. So he got to eat them all himself, lucky!

 Deep fried prawns - RM15

Overall, I really loved this place and after writing this stupid post I'm freakin' craving it. You happy now? And all that food for just over 50 bucks, not bad! All of the dishes ordered were the small size serve, and they were pretty generous. All the dry stuff came with sweet-chilli dipping sauce, it was kinda like sweet-chilli overkill, I'd have liked some other kinda sauce to try. The restaurant is fairly small only, I'm not sure how busy it gets at dinner time.

Janwa Thai Restaurant
no. 99G Jalan 5/62A
Bandar Menjalara
52200, Kuala Lumpur 
tel: 03-6276 5658

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