Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Awesome Anniversary Weekend!

Wooo! I had a goooooooooooooooood weekend. How about you?
I've been internet free all weekend. That's right, havn't used my laptop at all, and it felt GREAT. To just focus on enjoying the things going on NOW and not hibernating within the virtual world. 
This past weekend was extra special to be because I'd be celebrating an very important date... me and Wes's anniversary!! Awwwwwww
At Genting

You wouldn't even believe me if I told you how many year's we've been together. I met him when we both dumb little high school kids back in Melbourne. It was completely random that we even met, he was older than me and went to school on the other side of the city, and our personalities are completely the opposite. I was a little nerd and he was the cool kid. Somehow it clicked. We really have grown up together; through high school, uni, moving houses, illness, moving countries! 
We have so many crazy and great memories. One year we lived the poor student life in an unfurnished house with no fridge or microwave, surviving on indo mie. After that we spent a year staying in Ben & Alvin's living room, sleeping on the sofa, how's that for a girl! At one time there was 7 of us staying in that tiny two bedroom apartment! But those were the funnest times, stuff I wouldn't change for the world.
Now I live in a different hemisphere, have a new family and home. But despite all the lifestyle changes, to me he hasn't changed, I still see the same person I fell in love with all those years ago. And that's what it's all about.
It did end up a fun-filled packed busy weekend. Starting with Yen Sun's birthday party, which was SO much fun! Finally got to see a few of the guys I haven't seen since last time I was in Malaysia, as well as the usual gang.
I'd spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to have our Anniversary dinner on Saturday night. It turned out to be a great choice trying Ben's @ Pavilion. Great food and atmosphere, exactly the kinda place I like, but as usual I really overestimated my stomachs capacity and ate way too much. Smoothie, entree, main course, dessert. Straight after we rushed up to Genting to catch the Glitz performance. In the car my tummy hurt so bad coz I overfilled it, and I got sooooooo sleepy I was sure they put sleeping pills in my food (obviously they didn't though). WTF so much food and sugar shouldn't I feel full of energy, not passing-out sleepy!

It's really fun watching performances like Glitz, something different, memorable and captivating. Glitz was an hour long show combining a few acts from around the world; Illusionist and escape artist Charles Bach was the main act, the show also featured Chinese acrobatics as well as dance performances.I wanna go to Vegas and watch the REAL performances (...not those kind of performance...).
Typically, a trip to Genting wouldn't be complete without me forcing Wes to reluctantly take sticker photos. Even though he hates it us girls always get our way! I won't embarrass him by showing you though! haha
The next morning I wanted to treat him to a special Melbourne style brekkie; headed for the first time ever to Bangsar Village to try Plan B, a cafe based on Melbourne style...cafes. Which by now you guys know I'm obsessed with, and me and Wes used to love chilling at those kinda places back in the day. 

It was one exhausting weekend, but was more fun than all the crappy boring weekends I've had since I came back to Malaysia. WOO!


  1. WoOoOoOoOo.... finally a proper aniiversary!! hahaha glad u had fun Leo :)I can't wait to get the post card you'll send me with 1 of the sticker fotos u took with wez lik u did a couple years ago :) hahaha congrats on ur 6 year??? aniversary :)

  2. Congrats hun! Who would've thought when we were at rowville that you would meet Wez and then move to malaysia and everything ! Good to see you happy Lil :) Hope you're well over there !

    Monica xx

  3. Sam: Good idea, i'll send you a postcard. It can have a picture of rubbish and broken roads on it hahaha. Itz 7 years :)
    Monica: Thanks!! Yeh, back then I never would have predicted this is where life would take me.


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