Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bar B Q Plaza Dinner @ 1 Utama - one of my fav places!!

I began writing this post on  Bar B Q Plaza a few days ago, around dinnertime... of course what happens? Seeing all the pics I started craving this food so bad, so stopped half way and went there! Now I have double batches of pics for you! I found some extra info from their website >HERE<.

I've been going to Bar B Q Plaza in 1 Utama for a few years now (recently went to the Times Square one), and I still love the place. Bar B Q Plaza is a Thai owned Mongolian and Japanese style self-BBQ restaurant. Pretty weird and unique huh? Basically as a group you order a plate of assorted meats and veggies, then grill them yourself on the round sloped grill (there's also a place for soup!)
Note: Your clothes will definitely smell like foods after eating here, though the ventilation is pretty good.

This is what everyone gets to start out with; a grill for the table, piece of fat to grease the grill, bowl of rice and individual serve of peanut dipping sauce (imported from Thailand weekly!) with lime, garlic and cili padi to add.

You can order a mixed set of meat and veggies depending on what you want; beef, pork or seafood. We usually order the Supreme Beef Set, but this time ordered the Deluxe Supreme Set. Both are pretty similar, they have different sized sets depending on how greedy hungry or how many people you have. The sets come with rice.

 Supreme Beef Set RM29.90

Deluxe Supreme Set RM36.90

When your BBQ grill is hot you've first got to grease it up. I wasn't so good at this job, the food stuck straight away so I handed the task over to Wes the pro.

Time for the cooking (and eating!!!).


Mmmm! The Deluxe Supreme Set was a good size for both of us to feel happy and full. I find the meats and veggies served go well with the style of cooking. The peanut sauce is awesome, I doused everything in it and put it all over the rice. My favorites are the beef and bacon, make sure you don't cook it too long or it could be tough; just wait till it just changes brown. I also love that it comes with heaps of cabbage to boil in the soup. Usually I'm not a huge cabbage fan, but I love it with the peanut sauce.

I find the pricing is quite reasonable for this type of indoor restaurant dining. The waiters will fill up the soup and sauces as much as you like. I only wish there was some way to eat the left over soup more easily than catching 3mL with each spoon scoop. There's no denying, I'm looking forward to my next trip! I think from now on I'll order the Deluxe Supreme Set, just because it's bigger and me and Wes both have big appetites.

They also have some pretty good promotions!
  • Show student card to receive 20% set discount (11am - 5pm)
  • Show J-Card to get free plate of fried bacon (Mon - Fri)
  • Loyalty card stamp promotion (I always forgot to ask for this!!)
Cya There!!


  1. So you like to grill your own food.
    Actually most korean restaurants would allow you to do that, and they are more adventurous on that. You get the grill bigger slices of beef, chicken, whatever you want.
    I prefer to do it outdoor because sometimes indoor is really stuffy and poor air ventilation is unbearable.
    Rubbing the pork lard on top of hot plate is.. fun?

  2. Yea I like those 'cook your own food' types of places, its entertaining! But yea it's annoying how u will usually 'stinks' like cooking after you leave!

  3. It was cool ^^, I don't think there are places like that in Melbourne - unless you count hot pot.

    The peanut sauce was really nice too, you can buy that in bottles at asian shops.

    Also you could ask for butter instead of a block of fat.

    Thanks for recommending this place =)

  4. I'm really glad I could help you out Ana! Hope you enjoyed your visit here.


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