Monday, September 13, 2010

Restoran Oversea Wedding Reception Dinner @ Jaya One (review)

Note: This is a review of the restaurant's (Chinese) wedding dinner package, intended for those seeking information on wedding dinner locations. It is purely my unbiased personal opinion from the perspective of a guest.
Recently I attended a Chinese wedding banquet at Restoran Oversea in Jaya One. From what I know there are several Restoran Oversea locations, the Jaya One outlet established in 1998. The website indicates a seating capacity of 700 people, and can host multiple events at one time. I don't have any pictures from the evening as I didn't actually know anyone from the wedding so thought it may be rude to take photos.

We arrived and entered the restaurant at the car-park entrance. I'm not sure if there is another entrance somewhere, I presume most guests would arrive by car and find this convenient anyway, but it's not somewhere you'd want to take pictures. I noted that there were two weddings function signs posted, restaurant staff directed us to our event.

We first enter into a small open courtyard with fountain. The space is not large enough for the majority of the guests to hang around in if they happen to arrive early (or should I say on time, because everyone knows most people don't actually turn up on time, thus delaying the start of the dinner). There was snacks and punch being served outside but we went inside to our table. The courtyard looks like a great place for the wedding party to take photos, the decor is clean and sophisticated.

Inside the family were greeting and seating people. The room was huge; our large function had the entire space. I saw dividers folded away, so there is potential to split the room up. There were tables for larger and smaller groups, our smaller one seating ten. As we didn't know anyone at the wedding we just sat down and waited for it to start. As people often arrive late to these kinds of things and the family is still busy seating and greeting people, the commencement of ceremony and serving of dinner began 15 minutes after schedule.

The decor was very similar to many mid-range wedding halls; nice and neat but nothing too fancy. There was music played continuously throughout, with many LCD screens around the hall displaying the accompanying video clips. Towards the end of the night karaoke was available on the stage for the happy drunk uncles. 

The meal began with a combination platter of small fried foods, salad and fried mixed vegetables, all of which were quite nice and fresh tasting. There was plenty of each dish for our table of 10. Next was a thick, average type shark fin soup.

Next was my favorite; suckling pig! It was nicely crunchy but quite oily. Next was steamed cod, served as individual portioned boneless fillets, with the usual Chinese steamed fish sauce. I really enjoyed this dish, and the individual portions meant people didn't have to pick different sized bits off one fish and watch out for bones.

The fish was followed by big, deep fried prawns of some kind, which I didn't try because I don't eat prawns (they looked nice though). Next was the usual soupy-tofu-vegetable dish, and then glutinous rice dish you usually see at banquets. The taste was average, like most places.

Dessert was a cold, chrysanthemum sweet soup, which was actually really nice and there was plenty of 'stuff' inside. There was also a platter of Chinese biscuits, and some really nice mystery balls, made out of that stretchy stuff with whipped strawberry cream and a whole strawberry inside.

There were lots of drink-waiters and prompt drink service. Guests were served hot tea continuously (average non-special Chinese tea, same as found in most places). Also on offer was Tiger beer, red and white wines, and various liquors (I saw Chivas and Hennessy VSOP). The serving of each food dish was well timed, with no excessively long or too short breaks in between. Each guest took home a small gold box with two chocolates, unfortunately they were stale.

Overall I found the dinner to be quite nice, I enjoyed it. The food was nice but average (like many places); not extremely great but nothing to complain about either. Of course I expect that the foods served, beverage availability, and room size will vary depending on what kind of package the bride and groom choose.

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