Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ninemsn Says Bagging a Bargain Feels as Good as Sex!

 Note: This post is a joke (obviously)
I presume they mean emotionally of course! I don't think I can deny the possibility, given the nature of this post.

This Ninemsn Cleo article tells us that researchers have found that we get as excited over scoring a good deal or freebie as we do with the prospect of a lil' hanky panky.

What! Why wasn't I asked to take part in this study! >_<

Researchers monitored activity in the brain while lucky bastards participants went shopping and watched erotic films (presumably not at the same time). Activity levels in emotional areas of the brain indicated that we are as excited scoring a free gift at the supermarket as whilst watching porn. So all along woman's rights groups have been taking the wrong approach, they should have just been giving chauvinistic men free jars of peanut butter.

So what can we learn from all this? Well from personal experience I'm sure most of us already know that there aren't many things in this world more fun than shopping or sex.

How about shopping whilst watching erotic films? Double your pleasure! (I won't go so far as to propose shopping whilst actually doing the deed)

I can't believe no one has come up with this yet! Clearly there is a huge space in the market and potential for trillions... no, zillions of dollars to be made. Patent pending. All that's needed are a few strategically placed LCD screens. It sure brings a new meaning to shopping paradise... retail heaven... shopaholics!

So if your looking for me you'll know where to find me:
Chadstone, the Pleasure Fashion Capital


  1. Hahaha! I think it might be a bit hard for people to watch erotic films and shop at the same time xD ! Especially if guys ...find it a little hard to be walking around with their pants being quite tight ! hahahah :) Girls ..hmm... I don't know about that x3 !

    I think if it were me, I'd probably choose to look at the cute dress rather than some naked people having sex on an lcd screen 8)! Probably :P

    Ahhhhhh. I need to go shopping really badly now :( I think I'll head over to Chaddy tmr :D

  2. Yea come to think of it the 'action' on screen may kind of distract shoppers from actually buying things, not such a good business strategy after all

  3. who says der is nothing more fun than sex and shoppin :S eating is fun :D amusement parks are fun :D knitting is fun (for me any way :S) hehehe but yer shoppin is only fun wen u can get stuff :D and eat icecream at the same time :D hehehe can't want to go shopping with u wen u come bak :D


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