Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ Gardens Mid Valley Megamall with The Boys

Have you guys seen this restaurant at The Gardens before? I'd never heard of it, but since we always park in The Gardens we walk past it all the time. I noticed that its always packed, and there's always people queuing up outside. Finally last Friday we got a chance to try it, WOOO!
Note: All photos from phone cam so aren't that great...

Quick Approximate Price Guide:
  • Cash only!!
  • Main meal sets RM20 (main, mince meat rice, soup, three small snacks)
  • Drinks RM5-8, tea pot RM12 (two people only)
  • Entree RM5.50-8.50
  • Snow desserts RM5.50+

We met Alex and Alvin there and they'd already got us a table (yay, no waiting!) and we promptly ordered. I'd observed when spying through the window at diners previously that they have a lot of cool and weirdo plates and serving stuff. Like mini steamboat and mini-heated grill plate. Their teapots and utensils are really perttyly decorated as well, cute!

The restaurant is brightly lit with warm (flattering) lights, which is a big plus for me coz I hate eating in dimly lit restaurants, it makes me feel like i'm in a dungeon or something (I wanna be able to see my food and my friends dammit!). Anyone who's been to or walked past this place knows that it's always packed. Their tables are pretty small and their chairs are pretty huge. Whilst they are padded and super comfortable, I think perhaps it would be better to have slightly smaller 'normal' chairs and more space to put more tables (therefore more people can dine at once and less waiting times!). The tables are pretty small, and if you've got four people on one table all ordering a set, its pretty tricky to squish all the utensils on and eat comfortably.

Alvin and Alex had been there a while, so their food came out earlier. They both ordered the same thing, some kinda deep fried pork in sauce (set), approx RM20. The set's in Fong Lye are great, they come with a soup and three small accompaniments. Their main pork dish was served on an individual grill plate heated by a flame below. It looked really cool (and tasty!).

Another awesome thing about Fong Lye, is the accompanying rice comes with mince-pork-egg stuff. It was pretty unexpected, and certainly an added bonus! I love it when restaurants go that little step further to make customers happy. I ordered Pudding Milk tea (RM7.50), which I didn't really like actually. I like cold milk tea, but this one tasted not that great and the pudding made it worse. Lesson learned. The guys got some Taiwanese fried chicken as a side serve (most entrees orders between RM5.50-7.50).

Everyone's set side dishes were the same; lotus root with sesame seeds which was really nice and crunchy, yam ball which was also nice, and some yuck cold gross stuff I suspect was some kinda seafood. There was also a soup which I admit was nice, but I saw a freaky clam in there (I don't like freaky seafoods) so I gave it to Wes.

Our main meals arrived surprisingly fast, I'd expected they might be slow being so busy and an Friday night. I ordered stir fried beef with green stuff set (approx RM20). I used to eat something similar to this in Melbourne, which I miss hence why I ordered it. The beef from this dish was really nice, very very soft and tender (it surprised me). It was flavored with green stuff, ginger and a little chili. Unfortunately the taste from the ginger wasn't very strong (comapred to the Melbourne one). The whole dish was also very oily. I assume they put heaps of oil so the food doesn't stick to the hot plate, but it was like dripping off the food. The green stuff means long life so I ate some of them (but not all coz there was a lot and they're kinda boring).

Wes ordered Pork Chop Rice Set (approx RM20). I stole some of the pork, it was pretty tasty and nice. The accompanying sauce was a little bit sourish, and also good. Did I mention the mince pork rice was really really awesome? Well it was.

Overall i've gotta say I really like this restaurant. The food reminded me of Melbourne style Chinese food, and the serving sizes were pretty decent by Malaysia standards (usually they're not filling enough for me). I think the mini-grill foods were all a bit too oily, and the waitress forgot one of our entree order's despite coming back and re-checking our order (we never got it, but let it go, and weren't charged). One of the waiters looked like Ben which was also entertaining. I also really like the way the food was served and presented. I can understand why this place is always packed, I really hope I get the chance to come back soon.


  1. Do they have chilli chicken ribs :D hehehe on Monday me and Terry had Fetticini carbonara at Star east we should take you there next time :) its not dat far away from China bar at the Glen :D the food is not soo oily and pretty.. but den again da last time we went was a little bit bland.. but still nice :D

  2. Agghhh... the place doesn't accept credit card.. which is a bummer as even small mom and pops restaurants do.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out, Quirky-Malaysia. Ill add the info into my post!


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