Monday, September 20, 2010

Fahrenheit88 Newly Open@ Bukit Bintang (review - disappointing!)

I don't know why on Sundays I'm so often stuck for ideas on what to do. We look foward to the weekend so much then once it comes were like a bunch of goldfish with no ideas in our head, swimming round KL cluelessly. So I headed into the city, coz if we go to Bukit Bintang area surely we'd find something to do! Much to our surprise we did... we saw that the new shopping center which had been under construction at Bukit Bintang, Fahrenheit88 was actually open!

 The weird rumors i'd heard about this place were that it was some awesome cool Japanese department store, Pavilion's new rival, and the place to find hot new things.

Let me first give you some factual info on the shopping centre, as from the Mall Guide brochure I picked up. 
  • Four levels of retail shops, stores on each level grouped according to what they sell (international & regional brands, shoes, bags & accessories, streetwear, themed fashion, cosmetics, electronics.
  • Various food & beverage on each floor.
  • Three levels of underground parking.
  • Upper two levels 'entertainment' (not open)
  • Japanese department store 'Uniqlo' (3 levels, not open)
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (opposite Pavilion)

    Now for my findings. Straight away I could see that about 50% of the stores were not yet open, which I suppose is kind of expected. This included the centres bigest attraction, Uniqlo, a Japanese department store.

    Having just come from lunch I was firstly eager to check out the new toilets there! Thumbs Down! Ladies be warned, these are the types of toilets with no toilet paper inside the stall, and just one roll of it outside near the basins (like in Sunway Pyramid). Not impressed that this one roll was empty, meaning the whole toilet block was useless to me. In a brand new 'hot' shopping center I shouldn't have to expect to bring my own tissues (in Kepong I can understand!).

    After the not-so-good start I continued the inspection. I honestly had high hopes for this place, thinking it would be the next hot place for the young and fashionable. But as I walked around it felt nothing like that. Honestly, whilst in there the feeling was like 1Utama Old Wing and Kepong Village combined. Now THAT'S saying a lot!

    The stores in there were the same as everywhere else, but seemed to be more of the boring stuff like in the upper levels of Mid Valley Megamall or KLCC. I didn't see any exciting, hot, young international designer brands, just the same old stuff that's everywhere. The electronics level up the top sucked more than the electronics area at The Curve (no offense Curve, I like you). But yes, most of the stores there are still closed. 

    My favorite thing about the mall was the location; across the road from Pavilion, so I went over there and bummed around (note: my opinion has nothing to do with the price range of either places, but the atmosphere and actual stores).

    Having said all this I'm hesitant to write off the place completely. So many stores weren't open yet, I hope once they do the place heats up! I'd really like a new, fun place to chill on weekends. Unfortunately I kinda get the feeling it's going to be another boring, uninviting place to shop, like Times Square or Lot10.  

    Please prove me wrong Fahrenheit88.


    1. Good Work Lily!! Keep up the good work !!
      Btw Where is that ? lol ^^ Keep me updated with your new discoveries in Malaysia
      Anyway am i the first person to say hello with your blog??

      Kenneth Chong

    2. Yay Kenneth thx for reading.
      This place is next to lot10 where KL plaza used to be. Maybe (hopefully) by next time u come back here it will be BETTER :D


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